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John R. Sowden jsowden at americansentry.net
Tue Sep 27 22:27:16 BST 2005

On Tue September 27 2005 11:05, Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> > no!  Thank you for responding.  You are the first response from several
> > tech
> > lists.  After about 15 min the system effectively stops.  Running the kde
> > program to check memory, it shows the swap and physical ram are full.
> > running top shows knotify is taking 67% of cpu time.  killing the knotify
> > pid
> > solves it, so far.  I have not yet timed the problem after killing
> > knotify.
> > I cannot find amarok in the kde help, so I am unsure chat to do.  All I
> > did was install, or attempt to install, the gupto app dev pkg. (uses
> > wine-yuk)
> Can you just run through the steps of what you did and what happened so
> it's completely clear to me? (for example, do these problems occur when you
> use your distro's tools to install the package, or when you try to run
> it?).
> Thanks,
> Philip
I installed gupta team developer, using their binary install program, so I do 
not know what it did.  Now every time I run a program, I get a mime-octlet 
stream error.  When I kill knotify, the delay goes away for a while, but 
knotify comes back.  When I do a 'locate' for knotify, I find directories, 
and files with .png and .so, but nothing with no "file type" . 

I saw a notice once that said my aramoK crashed.

This is all I know.
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