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John R. Sowden jsowden at americansentry.net
Tue Sep 27 16:16:59 BST 2005

On Tue September 27 2005 03:48, Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> > The disk is no longer thrashing
> > and the computer has not slowed down.
> Do you mean that the problem is fixed?
> Regards,
> Philip
no!  Thank you for responding.  You are the first response from several tech 
lists.  After about 15 min the system effectively stops.  Running the kde 
program to check memory, it shows the swap and physical ram are full.  
running top shows knotify is taking 67% of cpu time.  killing the knotify pid 
solves it, so far.  I have not yet timed the problem after killing knotify.  
I cannot find amarok in the kde help, so I am unsure chat to do.  All I did 
was install, or attempt to install, the gupto app dev pkg. (uses wine-yuk)
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