drkonqi disables shutdown.

David Harel hareldvd at ergolight-sw.com
Fri Sep 23 15:54:27 BST 2005

Please note that the problem I report INHIBITS shutdown making the 
machine unreliable on shutdown operation. Typically me and I guess 
everyone else, expect the machine to shutdown without manually 
monitoring/intervention the process.

Philip Rodrigues wrote:
>>Many times when I shut down from KDE (start/logout/shutdown), one of the
>>applications crashes. This as itself is not the issue, however, on
>>crash, drkonqi (that displays failure details) does not exit therefore
>>the shutdown operation hangs.
> I imagine this behaviour of DrKonqi is deliberate - the dialog remains so
> that you see that something has crashed, and have a chance to get a
> backtrace, etc.
Well, Since the launch of drkonqi is AFTER kde exits (well at least 
that's how it looks) but X11 is still on, I can not see the dialog 
screen. What I did was: shift to text mode and then send kill signal to 
drkonqi. Otherwise the machine is hanged. Eventually I removed drkonqi 
and set a link to /bin/false instead.

>>This is a typical Microsoft behavior.
> That's close enough to trolling that I won't reply to it.
Sorry if you felt upset about this message. Thought we all should be 
more careful not to wind up like the bad guys.

> Regards,
> Philip


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