krfb running CPU to 100%

WoWeePratt woweepratt at
Fri Sep 16 16:46:47 BST 2005

I read the messages. I'm just new to Linux and have never even heard of the 
program you mention. I'm watching this thread though.

Sorry I can't help.


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So is the problem that no one can read this (in which case I suppose
no one will read this either), or that no one else is having this
problem, or that folks are having the problem and there's no known fix
at the moment?


On 9/15/05, Ewan Grantham <ewan.grantham at> wrote:
> OK, I've done some searching through the archives, and can't find the
> answer (or am not looking for the right one). So thought I'd ask.
> I connect to my home computer a couple times a day from work on my
> breaks, and on a different distribution had used VNCserver. But that
> distribution didn't support RAID without customizing the kernel, and
> that's not a hobby I feel like taking up at this point :-)
> So, install Breezy Kubuntu, make a few changes here and there, notice
> that it already has a remote desktop software option. Oh goody, one
> less thing to install and configure.
> However, whenever I connect to the machine (using RealVNC 4.0.x for
> Windows), the CPU jumps up to 100%. Is there anything I can do? Change
> some configuration somewhere? Or is this a known issue and I need to
> go back to using VNCserver?
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