Can I have a fade away color schema for window title?

Steven P. Ulrick lists at
Fri Sep 16 12:54:50 BST 2005

On Friday 16 September 2005 00:37, Marek W wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 15:29, Qingjia Zhu wrote:
> > On 9/16/05, Bob Stia <rnr at> wrote:
> > > On Thursday 15 September 2005 12:37 pm, Qingjia Zhu wrote:

> >  Isn't this for background?  I need the title bar color fade away effect.
> >  Just checked all the pre-installed window decorations, it looks like
> > only 'Redmond' is able to fade the color from the right side to the
> > left side.
> Go to:
> "Control Center" -> "Appearance & Themes" -> "Window Decorations".
> I use "glow" as my window decorations, but there are many others that
> support what you're asking for and more.

Hello, Everyone
I am running KDE from Branch 3.5.  I have 19 Window Decorations installed, and 
for the sake of this thread, I went through all of them, and I found that 
only 3 of those 19 window decoration styles support what the OP wants: a Left 
to Right fade away effect.  Here is a list of all 19 Window Decoration 
styles, and my findings about each one:
BII				Top to Bottom
CDE				No
Glow				Various, including left to right
IceWM			No
KDE 1			Yes
KDE 2			Top to Bottom
KStep			Top to Bottom
Keramik			No
Laptop			No
Linspire Clear		No
Modern System	Top to Bottom
OpenLook			No
Plastik			No
Quartz			Puts the blend color behind buttons on right side only
Redmond			Yes
Smooth Blend 		No
System ++		No
Web				No

As can be seen, 5 support only left to right fade, 4 support only top to 
bottom fade, "Glow" has seven different choices, and the others do not appear 
to have any ability to have a fade away effect, much less the exact one the 
the OP wants - Left to Right.

Steven P. Ulrick
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