cyrus/kmail folder with secret content

Klaus klaus at
Sun Oct 30 20:11:44 GMT 2005

Hello list

For some time now we have used kmail to access imap folders on a cyrus server. 
On this server I have placed a spam folder and a ham folder. A cron job uses 
the content of folders to adjust the bayesian filters.

These folders should be visible and able to receive content from all users, 
but the content should not be visible. Ie anybody should be able to copy or 
move a good message to the ham folder (or spam to the spam folder), without 
the risk that other users reads it.

At the moment this is achived using the following permissions:
localhost> lam spam
admin lrswipcda
anyone lsip

This works for Thundebird and some previus version of kmail. But now, after 
upgrade to 1.8.2, kmail pops up a error meassage at every mail check. 
"Could Not Determine Resource Status"
"Technical reason: Could Not Stat Resource"

I have checked that there is no subcription on the spam or ham folder.

How can I avoid this error pop up? Could I protect folder content using other 
access right on cyrus?

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