Kmenuedit doesn't work

s s greatredshark at
Fri Oct 28 23:32:00 BST 2005

> >
> Found my problem. Permissions for ~/.local and
> ~/.local/share were 
> correct. Permissions on the directories below that
> were set to root. 
> When I changed them back to my ID, things started
> working.

Hmm... I checked the permissions on these files and

for .local:

drwx------    3 desktopuser root     4096 2004-09-01
16:22 .local/

the contents of .local:

drwx------    5 desktopuser root 4096 2005-04-25 13:03

the contents of .local/share

drwx------  4 desktopuser root 4096 2005-04-25 13:03
drwx------  2 desktopuser root 4096 2005-10-28 18:33
drwx------  2 desktopuser root 4096 2004-12-04 15:13

So if desktopuser is my user, and has full permission
to these files, what's the problem? Does it matter if
the group is root?

anyways, the next thing I did was look inside
~/.local/share/applications and there's a whole lot of
.desktop files in there. The ones that are definitely
NOT showing up in kmenu are the ones in group "bin".
The ones that DO show up in kmenu are in group "root".
I COULD just go an chgrp them all, but this won't
really fix the problem because the next time I go to
use kmenudeit I'll probably just have to chgrp


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