Howto iconify running apps to desktop

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Thu Oct 27 06:48:18 BST 2005

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> How can I iconify running apps to desktop?

To Summarize:  It looks likeyou cant with KDE.

From: Robert Freund <rfreund at>
> I don't think it's possible, I've never seen this with kde.
> You minimize windows to the task bar.
From: Lasse Liehu <lliehu at>
> But if you want to use shading, it's possible. [...]
From: Jeff Dooley <jfd5xte at>
> I'm not sure, but you might feel more familiar with the KasBar. [...]

(Thanks guys)

So I tried the window shading.  I have never used or liked it much,
but I went into kcontrol
index:Appearance & Themes: Window Decorations
Window Decoration: set to B II
and it has a partial-width titlebar, that when shaded takes up less space
So that's a little better.
Still not like Xwindows on a unix machine.

I like to iconify applications in addition to using multiple desktops to reduce clutter,
and I place them on the desktop spacially, so I know where to get the icon when I'm looking for it.
I'm using FVWM.  I cant embrace KDE becuase I cant iconify to the desktop.

Kasbar is a little better, but with 10 icons it's still a mess, and I might have a lot more than 10.

> How can I iconify running apps to desktop?
> I've been using X windows for a while and always been able to iconify running 
> applications to the desktop, but now with KDE I cant figure it out.
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