Kmenuedit doesn't work

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Wed Oct 26 02:33:23 BST 2005

--- "Richard W. Knight" <rick_knight at>

> >
> Glad I was able to help you solve your problem.
> Yes, I do get the progress bar when I save and/or
> close kmenuedit. There 
> is no indication that anything is not working
> correctly.
> Thanks,
> Rick Knight

I have the exact same problem: I can't change the
kMenu, no matter how hard I try. I'm hoping that the
next version of KDE fixes that. hmm... when it comes
out, I may try deleting then reinstalling KDE, and
recreating ~/.kde ...I'd like to avoid that if
Also, I just remembered something: Konqueror seems to
be getting forgetful. For example, it no longer
prompts me for whether or not I want to accept a
cookie. It always starts up these days with "reject
all" by default. If I change it to ask me each time,
it will do  so, but only until the KDE sesssion ends.
When I log back in, it's back to it's old habits.
There's a few other oddities I've noticed with this
version of KDE... but they have happened so rarely
they could have been errors on my part... 
Let's just hope KDE 3.5 is stable.


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