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Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Sun Oct 16 17:31:18 BST 2005

Merton Campbell Crockett wrote:

> Thanks to responses from the list I have started a transition from Pine to
> KMail.  The transition isn't complete.
> I am using SuSE Linux 9.3 Professional, KDE 3.4 level b, and KMail 1.8.
>    (1)        Is there a way to incorporate a Pine addressbook into KMail aside
> from the labour intensive approach?

I'm not sure about the pine addressbook format. If you can convert it to
some other standard format, you can then import it into the KDE address
book (File->Import). You might even be able to import it directly. Google
has some hints on converting pine addressbooks to other formats.

>    (2)        I have a desktop system at work and one at home, how do I keep the
> mail configurations synchronised?  Pine provided the capability to
> store address books and configuration on the IMAP server so that
> changes made at home would be picked up on the office system and
> vice versa.

You can certainly store contacts remotely. I'm doing it here using kolab,
which is probably overkill for your needs. It looks like there might be an
easier way to do it. Oh, looks like it:
Perhaps that helps.

>    (3)        Pine provided a mechanism to identify all mail addresses that are
> mine and would automatically remove these when I did a reply all.
> Mail is relayed from other corporate mail servers to the system
> that I use for reading mail.  Mail addresses in the mail heeader
> are not rewritten.  Is there a way to specify multiple addreses
> as being equivalent in KMail?

Don't know about this, sorry.

>    (4)        A lot of my mail includes gzip'ped attachments.  In Pine, I can
> open these to review the contents, KMail wants me to save them
> to disk.  Is there a way to have KMail open these without saving
> to the local disk?

Do you have ark installed (it's in kdeutils, I think)? I think that would
give you an "open" option.

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