Saving to remote file system

Jes Hall jhall at
Thu Oct 13 06:28:39 BST 2005

Aaron Siegel wrote:
> Hello
> In previous versions of KDE I remember being able to open and save files from 
> a remote file system directly from an application. I was able to login to my 
> ftp server from kvim, open the file, it would save it a tmp file, and then 
> when I was able to save the file back to the server. I can not do this in KDE 
> 3.4.2.  Was I dreaming? I may be mistaken. 

I'm not certain about kvim, but most KDE applications will edit files 
over ftp this way if you use the ftp kioslave. In the open file dialog, 
try typing


In the address bar at the top of the Open File dialog.


Jes Hall
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