running kde without a desktop

Clumsy Jedi superfraz at
Mon Oct 10 14:43:39 BST 2005

Hi there, I'm new to this list so please tell me if I should be  
posting to the nonlinux area or something. I'm pretty sure this is  
just a general kde question though...

I recently installed xfree86 and kdebase3 onto my mac ibook via fink.  
everything is working ok, and I can start kde from the command line  
with the command

# startkde

However I am not keen on having the entire kde desktop initialised as  
I only want access to certain components (kwin,kicker + select apps).

I have altered my xinitrc file to include the following lines:

/sw/bin/kicker &

which is working quite well, but seems a bit buggy and I'm wondering  
if there's a better way to go...

The problems with the above are:
   - Kicker will segfault if it is not 'daemonized' (ie, X & kwin &  
kicker fails)
   - Kicker seems to spawn 2 processes, then after a few seconds 1  
dies off and the panel appears
   - When I add application shortcuts to the menu using the menu  
editor they do not appear. This problem also occurs when running  
   - I cannot terminate X (or kwin or kicker) by clicking on the 'log  
out' button in the menu.

I'm not really asking for help on debugging the segfaults or anything  
like that, really all I want is a standard kde session (like the one  
you get frrom startkde) without a desktop background. the config  
above is my best effort to create such a session, is there a better  

any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


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