Konsole font

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Oct 1 02:31:17 BST 2005

andrew kar wrote:
> James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> I am using the KDE-3.4 BRANCH and recently something happened to
>> the standard font in Konsole.  It is now AA -- NOT bit mapped.
>> What happened?  If this is a change, I don't like it.
>> Or is there a problem which I need to fix?
> ????  I'm not sure what you mean by;." It is now AA- not bit mapped" 
> A font can be bitmapped and still antialiased

Errrr.  How would they do that if the font didn't contain the necessary
information?  IAC, I used to have a bit map that was not AAed, and now I 
have an AAed font.

> and it has been this way for yonkers since kde 3.0 and xfree 4.0 at
> least. Perhaps you never before had the bitmap option along with the
> type1 and truetype options entered in your xorg/xfree86.conf file?
> Did you update X or your distro recently along with KDE? andrew

I don't think that I made any changes except for upgrades of KDE-3.4 
Branch.  Didn't upgrade X or change my X configuration file.

I did upgrade Qt.

Konsole used to use:


which comes in several sizes including the 9x15 which KDE ships.

I normally used "Large".

I find that I can still use the previous font by selecting it under 
"Custon": Fixed[Misc], Regular, 11.

But if I select "Large" I get something else -- looks like Courier.

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