How to unhide a Knote?

Com MN PG P E B Consultant 3 at
Wed Nov 30 11:21:02 GMT 2005

> > How is it possible to unhide a KNote?
> Click the KNotes icon on the systemtray and then select the 
> note you want to 
> see again. Or you can right-click that icon and then select 
> "Show all notes" 
> from the menu.

There is no "Show all notes" in that context menu (maybe this
is a fairly new feature), but I was able to select the note
in question by the first method you mentioned.

I must admit that I was not even aware that my System Tray
contains a KNote icon. There were 4 items in my system tray,
but from the icon picture I was not able to identify one
as being a KNote, and the KNote icon also does not identify
itself as a tool tip when you cross it with the mouse...

Thank you for helping.

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