automounting and labels

Nico Dietrich nicodietrich at
Wed Nov 30 01:57:54 GMT 2005

Hi Anders,
your wish is already inside the KDE bug tracking system:

It is about using the "desired mount point" for a device (detected by
HAL), not a custom label, but at least this does make two different
devices appearing as /dev/sda1 distinguishable.

You can vote for the wish!


On 11/29/05, Anders Storsveen <wakko at> wrote:
> I also like the new automounting stuff, but I want to have a little
> consistancy with it, so that my different harddrivers has the same path
> every time, not depending on the sequence I put them in... I know pmount
> does this by saying "pmount /dev/sda1 label". Is it possible to set this
> label on the disk, so that it mounts it with the same label every time?
> that would be great !

Nicolas Dietrich
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