Switching audio preview off

John Layt johnlayt1 at yahoo.co.nz
Mon Nov 21 20:31:15 GMT 2005

On Mon, 21 Nov 2005 01:43, Julian Morrison wrote:
> Is there any way to switch off the annoying audio previews on mouseover?
> I have having to go back to the old days of X when I had to beware what
> my mouse cursor was over. (Did whoever invented them stop to think that
> a sound which plays without warning might be a nuisance?)
> If possible I'd like to retain the static thumbnail previews of movies,
> which are actually useful. Worst case, I'd do without those to be rid of
> the audio.

This is KDE, not Gnome, of course you can turn it off :-)

I think it varies depending on the version of KDE, but go into the the KDE 
Control Center, and have a poke around in either of:
  Components / File Manager
  LookNFeel / Behaviour
There's lots of options there to choose what previews you want and what you 

The other place is actually when running Konqi, go to the View menu and choose 
Previews and select what you want to keep




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