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Olivier Danoy olivier.danoy at
Wed Nov 16 18:25:15 GMT 2005


I'm not sure if you've found a solution to this issue but what you can 
do is add the following lines to the firefox and thunderbird pref.js 
files.  Close firefox and thunderbird before doing so and replace <xxxx> 
by the appropriate name.


user_pref("", "thunderbird");


user_pref("", "firefox");
user_pref("", "firefox");
user_pref("", "firefox");


> I use Thunderbird (e-mail) and Firefox (browser) under KDE (SuSE 10).  
> When I click on a URL in an e-mail message, nothing happens (I want 
> Firefox to rise up and connect me with the URL). When I click on a name 
> (e-mail address) at a web site, nothing happens (I want Thunderbird to 
> rise up and present a blank in which to write a note.
> I opened Control Center >KDE Components > Component Chooser, and entered 
> the address of each of the applications in the appropriate blank.  
> Didn't help, probably because they are not KDE applications.
> I've been thrashing about Usenet to try to get answers.  None.
> How do I fix this?

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