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Rick Montgomery rick at
Sun Nov 13 18:18:49 GMT 2005

I have been adamantly pushing Novell/SuSe adoption at our small company 
(testing SLES 9 / NLD 9) as well as 9-9.3 and now 10. 10 is a big hit; 
but the annoucement to go with Gnome as the supported interface will 
almost completely kill my project. Not one of the users trying it liked 
it (we set up testing for both desktops). This is the reason Red Hat was 
not considered and SuSe was chosen. Now we like Evolution even though 
it's missing some basic functionality (leave messages on server until 
deleted from inbox etc..) that works great in TBird.

I have been involved in beta testing Xandros Server, and I tested their 
Business desktop 3 prior to release. They were comperable to SuSe except 
on their Windows Connectivity, which is the best and easiest I have ever 
used in our AD environments. That being said we still stayed the SuSe 
course untill the Gnome annoucement.......

The other IT directors admins from various companies I meet with (we are 
all working on decreasing / replacing windows as a group, share the 
testing load so to speak) have the same feelings. We are all in 
manufacturing non computer, communications or software related 
industries ....

Please rest assured there is no zealotry involved, just pure simple 
business economics; less problems better functionality (security with 
KIOSK) with KDE than Gnome which means better utilization of limited IT 
resources and training budgets.

I understand your decision was one of economics as well since you own 
Ximian, unfortunately your marketing department led you astray on this 
decision, Gnome has to many headaches and less functional offerings than 
KDE IMHO (its tsclient frontend for rdesktop is pretty spiffy though); 
well these are just our opinions. Oh and I purchase commercial Linux 
software offerings as well as purchasing items where the proceeds got to 
open source developers; I believe you get what you pay for (except with 
90% of windows offerings)


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