Konqueror: Clicking on folder opens Gimp

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Nov 10 01:10:35 GMT 2005

bruce at tfnet.ca wrote:
> Quoting James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at acm.org>:
>>bruce at tfnet.ca wrote:
>>>I just started getting the most bizarre behaviour in Konqueror; it seems to
>>>think that every folder is in fact a file associated with The Gimp.
> <snip>
>>>I checked my file associations, and couldn't see what might be causing this.
>>How did you check your file associations?
> I opened KDE Control Center, and looked at KDE Components, File 
> Associations in
> the off-chance I might find what was associated with The Gimp and 
> figure it out
> from there. I didn't figure it out, no suprise, as I couldn't find a 
> way to see
> all associations for The Gimp. Seems I would have had to know that
> inode/directory was what relevant to my problem (which, as I hadn't a clue
> until you told me what inode/directory is, I didn't).
> And yes, when I checked the Gimp was first on the list to launch
> inode/directory. I removed it and made the changes you recommended, and
> Konqueror now works as it should.
>>If this is correct, you can open the: "gimp.desktop" file and look for:
> Not quite sure what you are suggesting I do here; I couldn't find any
> gimp.desktop file on my machine. If I do find this file, and locate
> "inode/directory" in it, I should do ... what? Delete it?

Yes, you would delete it, but you have already done that by removing The 
GIMP in the other dialog.

> Thanks for the quick response; this solved the problem (but I am puzzled about
> how it got changed in the first place)

I don't know either.  This is not the first time such strange occurances 
have been reported.  Glad it works now.

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