How can I upgrade from KDE 3.3 to new KDE 3.4.x?

Thierry de Coulon tcoulon at
Sun Nov 6 23:16:04 GMT 2005

On Sunday, 6 November 2005 22:03, Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> Hi Bob/Mike,
> > Well I use linux for few years now and I like to ask
> > you,what should I do to upgrade KDE.
> > I don`t use some kind of shell or terminal program and
> > is it possible that you can explain me how to upgrade
> > KDE kerne with out screw up anything.
> > Please could you help me out?
> The answer to this question depends on what Linux/UNIX distribution you're
> using. You should probably ask in a forum which is specific to that
> distribution. There might be people on this list who use the same
> distribution as you and can help you, but you'll have to give us some more
> details first.
> Regards,
> Philip

On most distribution I'd say that's a risky business. If oyu really like to 
keep on the bleeding edge you could take a look at Gentoo - the portage 
system does this very well.

However, if "I don't use some kind of shell or terminal" means you don't like 
working at the command line, Gentoo certainly is not for you :)

KDE has *lots* of dependencies and most frequently, upgrading to a new version 
breaks lots of things, so you'd better wait for your favorite distro to have 
a new release with 3.4.x and do a fresh installation.


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