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Lasse Liehu lliehu at
Sat Nov 5 08:56:25 GMT 2005

Micheal P. Bauerle kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika sunnuntai 06 marraskuu 
2005 09:06):
> I am looking for the executable for kopete. I am new to linux use and
> need to keep one user from chatting all day.

Look for Kopete executable in  /usr/bin/. If it isn't here, try to find it 
from /usr/local/kde/bin/. If you just can't find it, try (in terminal, like 

$ find / -name kopete -type f -perm +100 2> /dev/null

Then you can make such permissions that this one user can't read and/or 
execute kopete at all.

For example:
1. Create group 'kopete_users'.
2. Get root privileges and then modify the owner group of the kopete's 
executable to 'kopete_users'.
3. Remove read and executable permissions from permission group 'other'.
4. Add Kopete's users (are allowed to use Kopete) to group kopete_users.
5. Now the one user can't run Kopete's executable and so can't run Kopete.

This way is the only way I know how to do that, but others can say if there's 
a better way to do that.

PS: I didn't know how expertise you're (you didn't tell) so I expected you 
have some knowledge about Unix systems, but I can be wrong.

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