feature wish: FreeNX client as virtual Desktop

Felix E. Klee fk at linuxburg.de
Wed Nov 2 09:23:33 GMT 2005

On Mon, 31 Oct 2005 14:26:27 +0100, "Gerhard den Hollander"
<gdenhollander at fugro-jason.com> said:
> HOwver, since you mentioned fvwm, how do you trick your
> NXserver/NXclient to use fvwm in stead of opening KDE in the NXclient
> window ?

I've never done that, but let me see ... as expected it works by editing
the desktop environment options:

  "Configure ..." -> "General" -> "Settings..." -> "Run the following
  command: fvwm"

Also, in the file "/etc/nxserver/node.conf" one can change settings for
desktop environments.

I assumed that with NXclient, you're refering to the free client
"nxclient" from "NoMachine".  If you were referring to the client "knx",
then I can be of no help.
Felix E. Klee
fk at linuxburg.de    (work)
felix.klee at inka.de (home)

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