Linux and Mathematic Input[] command

Richard Pace rpace at
Tue Nov 1 06:29:07 GMT 2005

I've submitted this problem to Wolfram.  However, they are unable to recreate
the problem.  So I'm hoping someone in the Linux community with Mathematica
might be able to help.  If this is inappropriate for this list, I apologize.

I'm running SuSe 9.3 with KDE 3.4.1 level a and Mathematica 5.2 (Student
Version).  I'm trying to use "interactive input" in a Mathematica Notebook.
Within a Mathematica Notebook I enter something like the following:

x = Input["test"]

Mathematica opens a "Kernel Input Dialog Box" with "test" as text above the
input area.  This is the Mathematica Kernel, not Linux.  A png file is
attached to this email with a picture of the Dialog box.  I am supposed to be
able to type in the dialog box and press "OK" button.  The content of the
input area is supposed to be assigned to variable "x" in the above
Mathematica statement.

However, I am unable to type anything in the input area.  The cursor appears,
but I cannot type.  If I press the "OK" button, the window flickers and
reappears.  I have to "abort" the Mathematica command to terminate the

I don't know enough about this kind of programming to determine if it's a
Linux problem or Mathematica problem.

I'm hoping someone else has Mathematica on Linux and can either recreate the
problem or let me know that it works OK on their system.

Any other information is appreciated.
Richard Pace

I'm not sure what Mathematica uses for this dialog presentation

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