kdeinit consuming 90% cpu

Larry Howe larry.howe at comjet.com
Sat May 28 06:41:29 BST 2005

On Thursday 26 May 2005 15:41, Hugo Perez Casanova wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm sure this topic has been discussed previously.
> We have a CentOS 4 based  X terminal server with ltsp and use kde on all
> workstations, I just noticed a kdeinit process taking almost all CPU
> time.
> The user closed all windows and the kdeinit process still used all the
> cpu. The problem was gone when the user logged out.
> This didn't happen before.
> Any ideas?

I had this problem once or twice. I used KDE System Guard (under System / 
Monitor) to view all the processes in Tree View. When I did that I could see 
that there was a process nspluginviewer that was a child of the bad kdeinit 
process. I could kill either kdeinit, or nspluginviewer, and the problem was 
fixed. It turns out that nspluginviewer was called by Konqueror to display a 
particular web page (I think maybe it was calling macromedia flash player). I 
did not do anything to fix it, and it has not happened in a long time, but 
maybe this is a clue.

Larry Howe
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