KDE 3.4 Konqueror crashes on shift delete

Stefan Walkner walkner.stefan at sbg.at
Tue May 24 18:13:22 BST 2005


I hope I got the right list - please tell me if there would be a better place 
for my concern.

First I would like to thank all people working on KDE! I really enjoy using 
kde since I changed to Linux.

I'm using gentoo (linux 2.6.11) - but please do not delete the mail - I know a 
lot of devs do not like gentooers because they compile everything on 
theirselves and so a lot of troubles just occour because of compiling by 
using to strange "flags" or similar.
I also tested another distro (KUbuntu - even on another machine) to make sure 
that I can confirm the "problem":

I already googled around, queried various bug trackers and posted in a forum 
but I didn't find anything similar...

Konqueror (local browsing, fish, ftp etc) crashes _sometimes_ when using 
"shift delete". And by saying _sometimes_ I mean sometimes! I'm using kde 3.4 
since the first beta was published. This problem occourse since 3.4 - 
I use "shift delete" all the time and I am not able to do a valid backtrace or 
find a valid pattern to specify when it crashes exactly.
When konqueror crashes there does not appear a KCrashHandler nor any output in 
the console.

I really would like to track this annoying thing down but I don't know how and 
I think I really know much about kde and so on.

So - does anyone know more about this problem or is able to tell me where 
"kio" (I think kio does this) handles the "delete" statements - perhaps I can 
have a look in the code myself :~

Thank you very much in advance,
stefan walkner
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