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On Monday 23 May 2005 22:05, zika wrote:

> Why does it ask me about kwallet?

I guess for a more secure option of storing server passwords.

> How do I read newsgroups with it?

KMail is a mail application, more precisely a MUA (mail user agent).
KNode is the KDE news reader.
If you prefer the all-in-one approach you can use Kontact, which uses those 
two other programs as embedded components.
KDE developers love reusable components :)

> What does that "any" combo box do? In
> "new mail" dialog, near the lock.
> Security? It never says so.

It lets you select encryption methods.
I guess any means that KMail will check them all if for applicable 
keys/certificates when you send encrypted mails.

> What is "sticky" checkbox for?

Makes the identity sticky, i.e. all message composer windows you open later on 
will have that identity selected.

> KMail. Identity is binded to one mail (smtp and pop usually) server.

I think an identity is already bound to only one SMTP server.
However you can always select a different output transport in the composer 
windows if necessary.

> There is has no way to change password, when you select
> to store it in file?)

Is this a KMail or a Thunderbird question?

> What does "precommand" do?

This can be used to execute an arbitrary command before the mail is fetched.
Very useful if you access one server through a SSH or VPN tunnel and have to 
activate that before.

> What is "include in manual mail check"?

This means it checks this account/server when you click the "get mails" 

> Maybe wizard for creating new account?

If I remember correctly that is implemented or planned for the next version.

> Or create one "light" version for average users,with less options, and one
> heavy for developers and power users.

I guess a GUI customization for different user profiles could be done by the 
distributor like with other KDE programs.
Most distributors however target the advanced users and thus leave all options 

> This will be probably added to bugzilla in some form.

You should consider posting to a KMail related mailing list like kdepim-users.


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