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Mon May 23 19:16:04 BST 2005

 hello all,
 I'm new to this list, and i don't know if each KDE software
have one list... But, i guess that my problem is kde (generic)
 I have the KNewsTicker running in my desk (kde 3.4 + Solaris x86),
and, when i want to read a specific "news", the download dialog window 
appears, and after the article is downloaded, the window is closed and
the a window to configure fonts is displayed (konqueror configuration?).
 Until this point, the file /var/tmp/kdecache-<my-user>/krun/1139.0.linux
with the "news" exists. 
 But after i "click" ok, nothing more happens, and the file is
deleted. The konqueror does not open the news. 
 Thanks, and sorry by the english.

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