Getting back Konqueror 'questions'.

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu May 12 07:14:28 BST 2005

Pupeno wrote:
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> How do I get konqueror to ask me again to store a password in the wallet, when 
> it was told 'not to ask again' when such a popup appeard ?

What you need to do is delete the URL from the wallet.

When KWallet is running, left click the system tray icon.  Then choose 
the wallet -- unless you configured something, it will be kdewallet -- 
in KWallet Manager.  Then choose: "Form Data" in <wallet name> - KWallet 
Manager.  Click the '+' to expand: "Maps" in the Folder Entry window. 
Find your URL in the list, right click it and choose Delete.

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