Configure Display: Orientation: greyed out

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat May 7 03:27:36 BST 2005

Shaun Jackman wrote:
> All the options of the "Orientation (degrees clockwise)" setting of
> the "Configure Display" dialog are greyed out except for "Normal". I
> have a landscape/portrait display and would like to set it to "Left
> (90 degrees)". Where can I start troubleshooting to find out why these
> options are greyed out?

If you have an actual landscape/portrait display, this option isn't 
going to do it.  A monitor that allows you to rotate the screen in the 
stand is not really a landscape/portrait display.

IAC, it is not your display that you configure, it is your video card 
that needs to be configured.  I suspect that the ability to use the 
simulated portrait display mode (Vertical raster scanning) is dependent 
on which video card driver you are using.  And in the unlikely event 
that you actually have true portrait display, you would require a video 
card that would support it.

To trouble shoot, you should check to see that you have the Randr 
extension enabled.

	xdpyinfo | grep RANDR

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