why does KDE use a lot of Memory??

Jes Hall jes.hall at kdemail.net
Wed May 4 15:08:37 BST 2005

> You are implying that KDE does not excessively eats memory.
> I think you will change your opinion if you boot your box with mem=128M
> kernel parameter and work with that setting for several days.

You assume that I have a large amount of memory on my systems. I work mostly 
on machines with KDE with 128MB and 256MB of memory. I have no complaints 
about KDE memory usage. If I can run a mail client, multiple webbrowser 
instances, multiple konsoles, kopete, IRC, word processor and text editor 
under 256MB of memory without swapping out I am happy. Under 128MB it swaps a 
little, but rarely am I more than 50MB into swap. Compare this with OSX, 
where that workload has me 500MB into swap on a machine with ~300MB memory.

This 'KDE excessively eats memory' is a myth. I can see no sign of it on 
machines with what most people today would consider slow cpu and a small 
amount of memory.  So I'm afraid you're wrong in thinking that working with 
KDE and 128MB memory will change my opinion.

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