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David P James dpjames at
Mon May 2 23:41:56 BST 2005

On Mon 2 May 2005 16:35, Sylvain Rouillard wrote:
> Hi KDE list!
> I'm having a problem with the KMail systray in KMail 3.4. It appears
> that the count that it shows is the count of the notified mails, as
> opposed to a count of unread mails.
> Explanation: when I receive a mail that is filtered in a folder where
> I set 'Notify on new mail in this folder' as UNCHECKED, then I get no
> notification for it (as expected), but the systray count does not go
> up either. Only when I receive a mail that is notified, then it also
> shows it in the systray icon.
> What I'm trying to figure out now is if
> - this behavior is by design, ie the systray icon is meant to count
> the notified mails only
> - this behavior is a bug of KDE, ie the systray icon is meant to
> count the unread mails, wether their arrival was notified or not

That's about right, but I wouldn't call it a bug beyond being a bit of a 
poor name. The box that you checked used to be called something like 
"exclude from new mail count" and that is what it still does but I 
guess if you have some other sort of notification set up as well (the 
systray count is a form of notification, after all) it does that too.

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