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Caleb O'Connell caleb at
Thu Mar 31 18:11:46 BST 2005

I'd like to have service like samba, lisa, cups start at a timed interval 
well after the desktop is loaded.  Right now they all start at boot, can 
xinetd do timed starts? how should it be setup to start on demand, like
when I want to print, have it start cups when I request print for the file

Caleb O'Connell wrote:

> would xinetd be the best option for these sevices?  is there a kde
> frontend to
> manage these services?  I ask only because I plan to deploy a number of
> kde
> desktops and would like to have an easier to maintain services setup.  I'd
> like the machines to boot quick but have all the services work.
> On Monday 28 March 2005 10:15, Kevin Krammer wrote:
>> On Monday 28 March 2005 16:49, Caleb O'Connell wrote:
>> > is there a kde service that will allow me to start system services in
>> > the
>> > background after kde starts?  I want to speed my boot time up by
>> > starting next to nothing at boot time, and then start most services in
>> > the background of kde either on demand (cups, lisa, smb) or always
>> > (httpd).
>> Starting system daemons on demand is the job of inetd or one of its
>> replacements, e.g. xinetd
>> Very likely your distribution setup already has it installed and
>> configured for less often uses services like telnetd or ftpd
>> Cheers,
>> Kevin

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