3 Screen Xinerama Issues

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at jkdwebmagic.com
Mon Mar 28 19:14:40 BST 2005

> On Wed, 23 Mar 2005, Jes Hall wrote:
>> On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 12:23, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>> I have three monitors.  One 21inch in the middle and two 17inch, one on
>>> each side of the 21inch.  The 21 and one of the 17's is running off of an
>>> Nvidia Quadro FX540 dual-head, while the other 17 is running off of a
>>> Matrox Mystique.  I am running KDE 3.3.2 on Gentoo with a Linux kernel of
>>> 2.6.10.  This is a partially new setup for me.
>> Did you have a xinerama use flag when you emerged Qt ?  This problem sounds
>> very much like your Qt/KDE does not have complete xinerama support compiled
>> in, and Gentoo iirc disables it by default.
>> -- 
>> JH
> Very astute question.  I actually realized that I did not before I posted and 
> have already added the xinerama use flag to my config file.  I have also 
> started rebuilding programs with it.  I had already done KDE but did not know 
> about QT.  I checked and in fact that needs it also.  I will try that out.
> Thank you,
> Jonathan

After rebuilding qt and kde and restarting X all is working well.  Thank 
you for your help.

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