John john_82 at
Sun Mar 27 23:14:07 BST 2005

The Krpmview association is file manager. All seems to be ok and I haven't put 
anything in the embedding section so downloads should be ok.
The only thing I could find regarding Suse involved copying a global file to a 


On Sunday 27 March 2005 08:54, you wrote:
> John wrote:
> > There isn't a check box  that matches that description. It did work like
> > that a long time ago though.
> > The main point is I can't get krpmview back. It has a very nice feature
> > for rmp installs - just click a button, saves firing up the console and
> > getting to the rpm etc.
> > All I have on my machine is a directory  named krpmview with a bash
> > script, a perl program and other directories in it. A search shows that
> > there is no executable of that name anywhere. I've even tried associating
> > the script and the perl to rpm's. The shell script has something to do
> > with it as it fires up yaste but nothing gets installed. The perl just
> > churns for a while. I suspect some other program chains these and maybe
> > generates the window. Just what do I associate to get it back?
> I think that krpmview is distro specific, so you are probably going to
> have to consult a support list for your distro.

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