Bob Stia rnr at sanctum.com
Sun Mar 27 06:50:04 BST 2005

Hello list,

Started using Kdar recently to back up my ~/home directory and a few 
other important things.  Couple of questions. I read the Kdar manual a 
couple of times but not sure about this.

I am backing up from one hard disk to another. Also won't work as user. 
Only root can access the backup directory.

Did a differential backup tonight of ~/home.   Seems to be very small 
(220 kb) I guess this means that the differential backup only saved 
things that were new?  ( have added and deleted many files during this 
period though )

Kdar will NOT modify the original backup, right??  It will only create a 
new differential file based on the old one, right?

 Sooo....If I had to do a backup I would have to first reinstall the 
original backup and then follow up with the differential/incremental ??   
If that is the way it works? Then does the differential backup then go 
back and delete the files which were deleted during the time between 
the original and differential backups ??  Just thought it might be good 
to know these things before I had to do an actual backup.

Thanks for listening. Hope there is some expertise out there to 
straighten me out.

Bob S.
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