John john_82 at
Fri Mar 25 20:53:43 GMT 2005

The fix I had for downloaded rpm's only showing up in konq hasn't worked out. 
It was ok but the right click option disappeared following a reboot. If I try 
to get the association back krpmview isn't listed and a search shows that 
there is no such executable on my machine only a directory that contains a 
shell script and a perl file. 
Interestingly the first few lines of the shell script state something like - 
go away, you do not want to read this!

I've had the same problem downloading tars. They just displayed in konq and I 
could do nothing with them - just got the titles. I fixed that that this time 
by removing the embedding in the association section. The tars still launch 
ok so there doesn't seem to be a problem doing it that way.

BUT just how do I get the krpmview association  back without it activating on 
downloads? Is there an application? 


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