3.4 kmail annoyance.

Bob Stia rnr at sanctum.com
Fri Mar 25 02:21:37 GMT 2005

Hello list,

Upgraded to 3.4 day before yesterday.  When I opened kmail I got this 
Kwallet thing.  I dismissed it because I don't think much of stored 
passwords, ecryptred or not.  When I tried to download my mail from my 
ISP kmail demanded a password.  (Four email accounts + 4 passwords.) 
Very annoying that my ISP does not require me to pass it but kmail 

Thought it might be the kwallet thing so the next time it pestered me I 
activated it.  STILL need to give passwords to kmail. Now Extremely 
annoying !!

Checked the whole kmail configuration and don't see anything.Does it 
even have anything to do with Kwallet?  How do I correct this annoying 
and deviant behavior??

Bob S.
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