Upgraded to 3.4: few problems

Jes Hall jes.hall at kdemail.net
Thu Mar 24 00:13:58 GMT 2005

> I'm having few problems with my fresh 3.4-installation:
> First: I do not have "devices" in Konqeuror-filemanager anymore. Note: I'm
> using HAL and DBUS to manage my dynamic devices, and my devices do appear
> in the new media-kioslave. Is the "Devices"-depreciated, or do I have a
> real problem here?

As far as I'm aware, devices:/ has been replaced by media:/. 
> Related to this: I heard that you can no have your USB-drives and the like
> to appear on the desktop once they are inserted in the system. How do I do
> that? They appear in the media-kioslave, but not in the desktop.

If they appear in media:/ I suspect all you would have to do is right click on 
the desktop and select 'configure Desktop'. Under Behavior, select 'Show 
Device Icons' on the 'Device Icons' tab. Does this do what you were after?

> My even weirder problem: I lost my "Location"-textbox in Konqueror! Sure, I
> can add location-toolbar, but I would like to have a location-textbox in my
> main-toolbar instead. When I try to edit the toolbars, "location" is
> available to be added to the toolbar in the "available actions" field. But
> when I add it, it never appears in the "current actions"-field (it does
> disappear fro "Available actions", though)! I also noticed that it's
> missing from my 3.3.2-installation as well. What the hell is going on in
> here? ___________________________________________________

I haven't actually had any success adding the location textbox to the main 
toolbar. I've simply added the up/back/forward/stop/reload/home buttons to my 
locations toolbar and turned the main toolbar off.

I hope some of that helps.


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