No Text in 3.4

alupu at alupu at
Wed Mar 23 14:20:44 GMT 2005

 I've just successfully compiled and installed v3.4 from sources.
Everything is fine EXCEPT when I start it up any "character" is replaced by an
empty square.
(the bottom of the logo, the titles, icons, menu(s), EVERYTHING). In short,
besides the graphics I cannot "see" anything other than variable size squares
(based on the underlining font, I assume).
Applications (Mozilla, etc.) work OK, text and all, except, of course, for
their title (now in squares).
When I switch back to v3.3.1 (by just readjusting the symlink "kde" in
'/usr/local' to kde-3.3.1 directory) everything reverts to the (perfect)
3.3.1 was compiled with qt-3.3.3 (both from sources).
3.4 is compiled with qt-3.3.4 (both qt's work as advertised).

i686-linux-pc-gnu, 2.6.10, XFree86-4.4, gcc-3.4.3, glibc-2.3.3
arts-1.4.0, libs-3.4.0, base-3.4.0, graphics-3.4.0

Please help,
Thanks, Alex

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