How to get rid of old konqueror icon?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Mar 14 12:29:14 GMT 2005

Sven Jacobs wrote:
> Hi!
> My konqueror still shows an old icon in the top right corner (the one 
> which is animated while konq is loading something) from an old KDE 
> version (It's the icon with the black background). My current KDE 
> version is 3.3.2.
> I've removed all konqueror related rc files from .kde/share/config and 
> all konqueror related folders from .kde/share/apps. Still the konqueror 
> displays the old icon.
> Does someone know how to get rid of it? I want the new sexy icon...

First, you need to understand the problem.  The animated logo that you 
are seeing is NOT an old icon.  The animated logo, like other icons, is 
theme able and you are seeing the HiColor/KDEClassic one.

If you have selected (or have left the default) CrystalSVG icon theme 
then you should see the CrystalSVG animated logo.  The only reason I can 
think of that you wouldn't is that it is missing.  The animated logo 
file is: "kde.png" and it should be here:


Please look for it.

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