lprng instead of cups.

David Harel hareldvd at ergolight-sw.com
Sat Mar 12 14:57:11 GMT 2005

Thanks for your reply,

C.M.Lotion wrote:

>On Thursday 10 March 2005 13:04, David Harel wrote:
>>Can I use lprng or any BSD style printing daemon that works well with
>>KDE interface?
>Hi David, 
>Have you already had a look at your expanded kprinter dialog or the printing 
>utility offered via print:/Manager in Konqueror (or something like 
>K>Utilities>Printing>Print manager)? You can choose for LPD, LPR-/LPRNG (BSD 
>compatible) or RLPR.
I have. It looks nice and makes the impression KDE can use lprng.

I lost my patience and installed lprng. You can't imagine how rough that 
could be.

I am on a Gentoo machine. In the installation configuration cups is 
mandatory. I had to remove it and then reinstall many packages that used it.

Eventually when I print a test page I get errors:

/usr/bin/lpr -P 'Epson' '-#1' 
'/usr/kde/3.3/share/apps/kdeprint/testprint.ps' : execution failed with 
Status Information, attempt 1 of 3: sending job 'root at harellaptop+313' 
to Epson at localhost connecting to 'localhost', attempt 1 connected to 
'localhost' requesting printer Epson at localhost job 
'root at harellaptop+313' transfer to Epson at localhost failed error 'NONZERO 
RFC1179 ERROR CODE FROM SERVER' with ack 'ACK_FAIL' sending str 
'^BEpson' to Epson at localhost error msg: 'spool queue for 'epson' does 
not exist on server harellaptop' error msg: 'check for correct printer 
name or you may need to run' error msg: ''checkpc -f' to create queue'

The funny thing is that the printer is defined as samba and if you look 
at the properties you see in the interface a uri definition:

uri:  smb://smbusr:smbmnt@HAREL/ITAY/Epson_Stylus

            User          domain     printer

                  Passwod      computer

where is the printcap anyway with such definitions?

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