Running kde on only one screen in a multihead setup

Daniel Myall daniel.lists at
Wed Mar 2 02:31:38 GMT 2005


I have two graphics cards and monitors attached to a single machine 
running Debian Sid. Screen :0.0 is a general desktop where I want KDE, 
while screen :0.1 is used for displaying stereo images in a virtual 
reality system, and KDE sometimes interferes.

Is there any clean way to get KDE to run only on :0.0 and leave :0.1 
alone? I've edited /usr/bin/startkde so that ksmserver has the option 
'--display :0.0' but this didn't seem to change it's behaviour. I'll 
also modified kicker and kdesktop autostart so they have '--display 
:0.0' which almost achieves what I want, except that I get the taskbar 
that would have been on :0.1 in the middle of :0.0 (and need to kill the 
process).  I've attached the kde process list below (I only want one of 
each k* app that starts up).

If I use Icewm by itself I can get the desired behaviour, but I would 
prefer to use KDE.



# ps aux|grep kde
/bin/sh /usr/bin/startkde
kdeinit Running...
dcopserver [kdeinit] dcopserver --nosid
klauncher [kdeinit] klauncher
kded [kdeinit] kded
knotify [kdeinit] knotify
ksmserver [kdeinit] ksmserver --display :0.0
kwin [kdeinit] kwin -session ## -display :0.1
kwin [kdeinit] kwin -session ## -display :0.0
kdesktop [kdeinit] kdesktop --display :0.0
kdesktop [kdeinit] kdesktop --display :0.0
kio_file [kdeinit] kio_file file ## ##
kio_file [kdeinit] kio_file file ## ##
kicker [kdeinit] kicker --display :0.0
kicker [kdeinit] kicker --display :0.0
klipper [kdeinit] klipper
konsole [kdeinit] konsole -session ## -display :0.0

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