Openoffice 2.0 and kprinter

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Wed Jun 29 21:56:15 BST 2005

itlistuser at wrote:
> Hi, 
> don't know whether its OO fault, kprinter or whether it is just me (: 
> so I'm asking my question here: 
> Hi, 
> I'm trying to get OpenOffice 2 to use kprinter and to show me the kprinter 
> dialog when printing.  
> my first try was to add a pdf creator and use the command kprinter --stdin, 
> but OpenOffice always ignored that i wanted this printer as a default. 
> second i tried to manually edit the psprint.conf file, also without any luck. 
> third i added the line 
> export SAL_DISABLE_CUPS=1 
> to my .profile file and OO ignores the cups, and i can add a ordinary printer, 
> exactly kprinter. there is only one problem: the file is printed out correctly 
> using the kprinter dialog but after the kprinter dialog disappears i recieve a 
> message from openoffice stating: "error while printing" 
> and nothing more. anybody a hint what i can do? 
> why do i want to do this? all other applications use kprinter for printing, 
> $AVERAGEUSER is highly disturbed when there no kprinter dialog shows up when 
> printing from openoffice. especially when in cups something like n-up page 
> printing or duplex or whatever was saved prior from printing from another 
> application, OO will pick these defaults regardless whether the user wants 
> that or not. 

Since it is likely that you have screwed up your OO configuration files, 
you need to undo what you have done.  If you edited:


then you can just remove the directory:


open OO, and go through the wizard again.

You also need to undo whatever else you have done.

Then, execute:


This will change the global setting if you run it as root or the user's 
setting if you run it as that user.

A dialog will open.  Select "Generic Printer" and click "Properties".

Under the: "Command" tab in the dialog that pops up, enter the command: 
"kprinter".  Click "OK".

Click: "Rename" and enter the name: "KPrinter" in the dialog that pops 
up.; click "Close".

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