Konsole problem

Wim Bakker wim at unetix.nl
Mon Jun 27 15:13:53 BST 2005

I have the following requirements for a program running
on a server where clients login to :

- A special keytab , for keybindings used in that program
- ibm850 encoding
- fixed size konsole and fontsize and colorscheme
- menu and tabbar disabled
- automatic telnet to the server when client starts konsole

I have created the special keytab file and called it cash.keytab
The rest of the settings I configured in a profile called Cash which 
configures konsole for use with that server application.

Now when users have to acces the program they click on an 
icon "Cash" which starts the following :
konsole --profile Cash -e "telnet <ip-adres-server>"

This doesn't work , the profile gets loaded nicely , but no 
telnet session to the server gets started.
A tried with a default session type allso , that contained
an Exec=telnet <server-adres> line , but no go.
With profiles there's apparently no way of automatically starting a

There is no other way to get encoding ibm850 by default
in this session then by using the --profile option,
 so how do I start an application while using
the --profile option , or how do I start konsole with encoding ibm850
without using the --profile option, that's the question.

Where does konsole get its default encoding from?

Wim bakker
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