no italian characters with kde 3.4.0

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Sun Jun 26 17:05:58 BST 2005

IloChab wrote:

> I  used fedora core 3 with kde 3.3 and I had no problem.
> Now I switched to ubuntu 5.04 with kde 3.4.0 and I can't see accented
> characters from the kde applications.

What exactly do you mean by "can't see accented characters"? Do they appear
as boxes, not appear at all, but leave a space (eg, 'élève' becomes 
' l ve') or not appear at all, not leaving a space? Do you have a
screenshot? What about non-KDE applications? Do they display the characters
correctly? Try different fonts - perhaps the one you're using doesn't have
accented characters included (though this seems unlikely).

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