PC Shutting off??

Mr Wiggles astalavista.box.sk at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 14:12:56 BST 2005

I am not sure if this is a problem with Bastille, KDE, KDE-Kiosk, or
maybe Suse...I think it may be Bastille which I just installed on top
of the other things mentioned but I figured I would hit up all the
lists and see if it rings a bell with anyone.

I am having a problem which I am currently trying to isolate where the
PC will just power off.
I thought it was whenever certain users logged in to KDE it would load
KDE fine and then 1 second after it was done loading it would just
shut off, but further investigation has revealed that it does not
happen all the time to that user.  I am trying to find out now whether
it is after the PC has been running for a certain amount of time
regardless of users logged in, or if it is related to users logging
out and others logging in or what....but I wanted to just throw this
out there while I try to reproduce the problem in case anyone had any


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