kinternet issues

jsowden at jsowden at
Fri Jun 17 19:32:03 BST 2005

I just installed Suse 9.3.  I am using 'demand=yes to make an internet conn on 
starting an internet application.  I set the idle time to zero, assuming that 
this means it will not time out.

Problem: my system disconnects ocasionally while I am running an internet 
application.  There is a check box labeled "trigger connect on request of 
application".  I check the box, but when I return, it is unchecked.  When I 
click on 'check mail', I am not connected until I fiddle with the kinternet 
menu and reclick on 'check mail'.  Clicking on refresh in a browser after net 
accessing a home page on starting the browser does nothing. Reclicking on the 
home page starts the dialing process.  There does not seem to be a 
consistancy with this problem.  

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