KDE 3.4 mystery

Lasse Liehu lliehu at kolumbus.fi
Fri Jun 17 18:00:16 BST 2005

B.W.H. van Beest kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika perjantai, 17. kesäkuuta 
2005 10:18):
> When I use kuickshow in KDE 3.3.2,  I can delete an image with the
> "delete" button.  However, when I use *the same exectuable* (by copying
> the binaries) of kuickshow in KDE3.4.0  (or 3.4.1).  I can no longer do
> this!  Also, "delete" is no longer in the context sensitive menu.
> So apparently, it is the environment that determines this
> functionality.  How does this work?
> Can somebody shine his/her light on this?
Hmmh. Open Konqueror. Then select from menu Settings->Configure Konqueror (or 
something similar, I can't remember those names). And then find "Show 
'Delete'-context menu that passes trash" (something similarr, it's checkbox  
and below  homepage field...)

Delete option that passes trash is turned off by default in KDE 3.4.

PS: Sorry for my poor english

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