Proxy settings in Konqueror

Andy Teijelo PĂ©rez ateijelo at
Thu Jun 16 01:19:27 BST 2005

Hi, there's a radio button in the Proxy Setting in Konqueror saying something 
like (i use a translation of KDE): "Use this authentication info:", but I 
have never seen it enabled. Nowhere. In nobody's KDE. I'd like that the proxy 
authentication dialog wouldn't appear if I chose "remember password", not 
like the current behaviour of showing the dialog with all fields filled just 
to click accept.
Notice however that I'm still using KDE 3.3. I'm waiting for KDE 3.4 to make 
it into Debian. While on the subject, I heard a rumor about the option "Open 
in background tab" dissapearing from the right-click context menu for links 
in Konqueror. Is it true? It would be disappointing at least for me.

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