"locking down" kdm

Mr Wiggles astalavista.box.sk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 18:28:42 BST 2005

I am running suse 9.1pro but I think this question is only specific to KDE
(running 3.2) and not the distro...

How can I lock down kdm so that when users are logging in they are only
able to login to a kde session? I have set this box up as a kiosk using
kde-kiosk, sadly if they click menu (wouldnt mind getting rid of this
button altogether) -> session type -> and select something else like admin
or failsafe, or anything really.....they circumvent all the kiosk
restrictions that we have in place.

/opt/kde3/share/apps/kdm/sessions contains .desktop files that people say
reference all of the session types but there are session types that appear
at the kdm login screen that do not appear in this dir and lots of .desktop
files that are in this dir that do not appear as session type options at
the login screen.

there is also the kdmrc file which I have heard contains a SessionType=
line that specifies what sessions a user can select from but even after
modifying this line nothing changes in the session type menu at the kdm
login screen.

So ideally...how can i remove the menu option from the login screen
altogether, or alternatively how can i make it so that "KDE" is the only
option under the session types drop down under the menu.

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